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Managment Team

Karen F. Puchalsky

Founder and President

Karen Puchalsky is the Founder, President and CEO of Innovate E-Commerce. She has a B.S. degree in Business Administration and a minor in Computer Science from St. Vincent College. She is a graduate from the Institute of Entrepreneur Excellence at the University of Pittsburgh. When not at her desk working you will find her riding her horse in the discipline of Dressage.

Doug Prom


Doug Prom is the CIO and CTO of Innovate E-Commerce. A graduate of University of Wisconsin- River Falls, Prom earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems and a Minor in Math. Prom is a previous board member of Open World Learning (OWL), The University of Northern Colorado, Monfort College of Business, Colorado MESA and CSU ISTeC. Throughout his career, Prom's prestigious awards have included the 2008 Colorado Technology Association (formerly CSIA) Champion of the Year and the 2013 Pittsburgh CIO of the Year for growth companies. In his spare time, Prom enjoys camping, working in the yard, fixing up the house, teaching and being involved in the community.

Amy Sprague

CFO and VP of Operations

Amy Sprague is the CFO and VP of Operations for Innovate E-Commerce. Sprague manages Innovate's financial operations and is responsible for developing and monitoring company assets as well as contract negotiation and high level project management of the B2B Managed Services. Attending the University of Cincinnati, Sprague studied Pre-Law and Criminal Justice. Throughout her career, Sprague has had extensive experience in negotiating contracts, large projects management, facility and space planning, and treasury management. Sprague spends her free time with her husband and two sons and enjoys singing and anything Broadway related. She is also a former member of the Board of Directors for the Make-A- Wish Foundation and still remains active in the charity.


We are dedicated to forming solid, trustworthy partnerships with our clients, always exceeding their expectations and aiming for higher goals.


We always put our customers first. Making the movement of our customers' commerce is our number one priority. We give our clients the competitive edge with their customers. Quickly responding to any changes or new requests.


Our clients know they can rely on Innovate E-Commerce to be their B2B Service Provider. Their e-commerce is more than just data with us. We understand it is critical information that supports their daily business processes. We continually upgrade our systems and technology to maintain a leading edge in architecture and security capabilities.


We always over-deliver on our promises and take great pride in providing only the best services for our customers. We have integrity when no one is watching and that is our most valuable asset as a company.

Karen F. Puchalsky

Founder and President

Karen Puchalsky, Founder, President and CEO of Innovate E-Commerce has led the Pittsburgh-based company through over twenty years of accomplishment and prestigious recognitions. In 1997, Innovate E-Commerce started as an enterprise solutions consulting firm and today the company is a global provider in business to business managed services, secure communications gateway and secure file sharing solutions for small to medium businesses (SMB) and Fortune 1000 companies.

Innovate E-Commerce specializes in three dedicated solutions; B2B Managed Services, Innovate Communication Gateway and InVaultive, a secure email and file sharing cloud service. Sitting at the center of the supply chain, Innovate E-Commerce provides the people, the processes and the technology saving their customers time and money so they can focus on growing and managing their business effectively.

As a provider of B2B Managed Services, Innovate E-Commerce processes billions of transactions annually and specializes in supporting our customers’ supply chain order to cash processes. Innovate Communication Gateway moves critical, sensitive and confidential business information securely for their clients. Adhering to privacy and compliance guidelines, Innovate E-Commerce streamlines the communication between enterprises and their banks, insurance carriers, healthcare providers, customers, suppliers and other third party providers.

In today’s world security issues and data breaches plague businesses both large and small. By hosting “Cybernars,” informational webinars that educate the business community on how to safely and securely protect data, Puchalsky and the Innovate E-Commerce team have quickly become trusted resources and specialists in cyber security for all types of businesses.

InVaultive, Innovate E-Commerce’s private secure email and file sharing cloud service, allows files to be shared internally and externally as well as providing our customers with a data loss prevention solution. InVaultive is customizable, user-friendly and safe. Unlike public cloud-systems, InVaultive stores files on a private server simplifying the file sharing process in a secure setting.

Karen Puchalsky and Innovate E-Commerce have been honored with a variety of awards such as the INC. 500 award, Pennsylvania’s Best 50 Women in Business, Top 25 Women in Business and Best Places to Work 2017 by the Pittsburgh Business Times.

Puchalsky currently serves on the advisory board for St. Vincent College and local non-profit Beverly's Birthdays. Innovate is also a member of the Allegheny Conference Regional Investors Council.

As a leading expert in cyber security, Karen Puchalsky has been featured several times on KDKA-TV’s Sunday Business Page. She was also featured in ISE Magazine as well as Pittsburgh Business Times’ “Personalities of Pittsburgh” and has been interviewed by various radio programs as a leader in cyber security solutions. Puchalsky also hosted a business seminar, Cyber Security: Are you Prepared? for other industry leaders on how they can keep their valuable data safe.