EDI Customer Coordinator

An EDI Customer Coordinator must be able to interact with Innovate’s customers to obtain customer’s requirements, understand their issue and provide a solution. This position requires that the person can work independently and manage 2-4 projects at one time. Each project’s duration may vary from several days to several months of work and be for multiple customers and/or documents. This position also requires the skills to design, develop and test maps utilizing GXS Application Integrator (AI). Strong oral and written skills are required to communication with Innovate’s customers in meetings, conference calls and through emails. A requirement of this position is to be on the on-call rotation.

Skills Required for Position:

  • GXS AI experience
  • Knowledge of EDI structures and terminology
  • Ability to implement a customer’s transaction from their trading partner’s requirements through unit and system testing to production and post-production monitoring
  • Knowledge of XML and EDIFACT structures is preferred but not required

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