Innovate E-Commerce Specializes in Managed Services, Secure Communication, InVaultive, and Supplier Portal.

“How do I manage my supply chain?”

Innovate Managed Services

Innovate E-Commerce Managed Services specializes in supporting our customers’ supply chain order to cash electronic processes (EDI, XML, etc.). Innovate translates and moves critical, sensitive, and confidential business information securely for their clients. Adhering to privacy and compliance guidelines, Innovate E-Commerce streamlines the communication between enterprises and their banks, insurance carriers, healthcare providers, customers, suppliers and other third- party providers. Innovate will ensure the translation and secure delivery of your information while supporting your business partners’ communications and data requirements. Innovate’s Managed Services translates to and from all applications including but not limited to: Oracle, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics AX. Providing a centralized system, your company can become more competitive, enhance customer relations and free up your resources to work on projects that focus on growing your business.

Translation Services

Whether your customer or supplier sends EDI, XML, or other file formats, Innovate’s Translation Services will map their information into the format your application needs. We work with all the different national and international standards from different industries worldwide.

Supply Chain Web Portals

Many customers and suppliers are too small to have an integrated system which allow them to send and receive information electronically. Innovate can support these business partners through a web portal. Designed to have your company’s look and feel, the web portal will allow your business partners to send and receive information to and from you while you reap the benefits of an integrated system.

Innovate Audit and Control System

Innovate’s audit and control system monitors all the information within our environment. It alerts our staff when an error occurred. Knowing when an error occurs is critical, however knowing when something didn’t happen is just as important. A business alert can be setup to send a notification to our or your staff alerting them that a file from your largest customer has not been received or a processing error has occurred, causing your payroll file to be sent to Innovate twice. Alerts are customized based on your business and progressing rules.

Customer and Supplier Management

Need to setup a new customer and/or supplier with a short deadline? Innovate will manage your customers and suppliers implementation project, work with you to meet deadlines and to trade the required documents electronically. Innovate will manage the setup, mapping and testing to minimize the amount of your resources’ time while still meeting you and your business partners’ timeline.

Innovate Customization

Innovate can customize processes to allow your company to send or receive information from your business partner even when your business application has limitations.

Archiving and Disaster Recovery

Innovate will archive your company’s information to meet your industry’s compliances. Innovate has a full redundancy data center. All information is mirrored and can be restored within minutes of a total outage.

INNOVATE B2B Managed Services

Supplier Toolkit

Gain more visibility into your supply chain with real-time information from your suppliers. Innovate’s Supplier Toolkit includes everything you need to receive accurate and timely information from your suppliers. The Supplier Toolkit will enable your suppliers to receive your Purchase Orders and send you Purchase Order Acknowledgements, Invoices and Advanced Ship Notices. The Supplier Toolkit is a robust solution which includes everything you need to get started today.

Innovate Secure Communications

In today’s business environment more and more companies are sending their critical information electronically. This means that multiple communication protocols, encryption and compliance requirements must be implemented and monitored. In addition, often times this environment becomes the open window to data breaches. Innovate Secure Communications manages all your and your business partners’ communication requirements. You will only need to connect to Innovate.

Innovate Transfer

Innovate sets up all the connectivity to all your customers, suppliers and third-party providers. We will set up the schedule based on the day and time the files need to be sent and/or received. We take care of the security and compliance requirements and will ensure all the files have been transferred successfully and acknowledged. Our staff is continuously monitoring the status of all your files. Most times an issue is found and corrected before either you or your business partner is aware an issue occurred.

Innovate Alerts

Innovate Alerts are set up based on your processing and business requirements. If you want to be notified that your bank received your payroll file, Innovate Alerts will sent you a notification when the file was picked-up, sent and received. These alerts can be customized to send a text, a page, an email or any combination. Plus, with Innovate’s Customer Portal, you can look online anytime from anywhere to see the status of your files.

“How can I exchange my information securely and in compliance?”

Innovate Secure Communications


InVaultive is an enterprise cloud-based file services solution. InVaultive offers file sharing, storage, collaboration and synchronization in Innovate’s secure cloud environment. InVaultive encrypts data that is stored, uploaded and downloaded compliant with HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, and other regulations. Integrated in email applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Windows 365, InVaultive allows you to share files and documents in emails without sending attachments or using encrypted email software. InVaultive gives you access to your files from anywhere using multiple devices. Creating a public or password protected links to files, transferring files or setting up a collaboration space is fast and easy with InVaultive. Plus you can restrict the number of downloads, view only, restrict uploads and limit the amount of time the document can be accessed. InVaultive can be customized to have your company’s look and feel. It is easy to install and use.


Audit and Control Assessment

Innovate found in most cases orders get lost in the electronic order processes causing delays, back orders and the worst case scenario—loss of business.   Here’s where we can help.   We have done audit and control assessments for companies of all sizes to identify where their processes have failed. 

  • Why do you need an audit and control assessment?  How would you answer these questions?
  • Can you guarantee to your auditors and/or customers that you will never lose an order?
  • Is there one or more of your largest customers you cannot afford to lose their orders?

If you could improve your processes to gain more business, would you be interested?


INNOVATE Audit & Control Assessment

“How can you improve your supply chain? “

Supplier Portal

Your suppliers are key to your supply chain. Whether you are ordering office supplies, products to stock your shelves, items to build your products or Maintenance Repair Operation (MRO), knowing when you are receiving products from your suppliers is key. If you are manually ordering from your suppliers, do you know when you are going to receive your order? Do you know if you are going to receive the correct number of items you ordered?

INNOVATE Supplier Portal

Customer Portal

In today’s business world you need information quickly. Innovate’s Customer Portal gives you access to your information online anytime from anywhere. Need to know if your bank received your payroll file? You can logon to the Portal and see when the file was sent, received and acknowledged. Does your customer have a question about an order they sent you? The Portal will allow you to see when the order was sent and received. If you need to view the data your customer sent before translation, you can. Through the many different search options, the Portal gives you the capability to find the data no matter if you only have a date range or if you have the specific document number. Plus the Portal has current and historical information online that is available to you. Innovate’s Customer Portal makes it easy for you to view your information online; however Innovate’s support staff is here 24/7 when you need us.

“How can I view my data?”

INNOVATE Customer Portal