Overcoming Obstacles in the Global Supply Chain

by | May 7, 2024

From robotics to Enterprise Resource (ERP) software, the technology sector continues to boom. These solutions are designed to streamline, optimize, innovate, and gain visibility in the supply chain. There is also a lot of excitement and confusion around Artificial Intelligence (AI) use and effectiveness. Where can you begin your journey with AI? Here are some steps to help:

  • Deployment of Technology.
  • Data in one place
  • Artificial Intelligence

Manually digging through layers of data requires many resources, consumes time, and is prone to errors. This is especially true if your data is stored in multiple systems. Having data in one place and the use of AI empower supply chain leaders with better insights and help them make better decisions. AI allows leaders to ask what-if questions to address different scenarios and help prepare for new challenges in the supply chain. However, without timely and accurate information from your customers, suppliers, and logistic partners, AI can only give you scenarios based on the limited resources available to it. Implementing more documents electronically with your trading partners will give AI more detailed information to work with. Innovate can help. Innovate Managed Services can become an extension of your IT staff and can help you implement more electronic documents. With more information from your partners in your supply chain, you can plan and quickly adapt to the ever-changing global supply chain.

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