Supply Chain Disruptions – What’s Next?

by | Mar 5, 2024

Do you know where your children are? This question was used as a public service announcement for parents on American television from the late 1960s through the late 1980s. Today, with all the supply chain disruptions, the question now becomes: do you know where your products are? The challenge in today’s supply chain isn’t just one specific one, but rather the volume and variety of the challenges all at the same time. One example of these challenges is in the transportation industry. Union strikes, driver shortages, backlogs of unloading at ports, and increasing costs cause major impacts in this industry. What can an organization do to minimize how they are affected by supply chain disruptions? Start here:

  • Implementing new documents with your warehouses.
  • Implementing new documents with your transportation companies.
  • Implementing new documents with your transportation companies.

While the transportation industry is continuing to face challenges, it is one of the best industries to utilize technology. By utilizing technology, they know where their trucks are at all times and can reroute them if weather conditions change or other factors cause delivery delays. They know when they have reached their destination and completed the delivery. Do you have the same information about the status of your products? Whether your goods are shipped by ocean, rail, or truck, an accurate and timely status can be obtained when you receive this information electronically. Innovate can help. Innovate Managed Services can become your additional IT staff that can work with you and your transportation and logistics partners to implement and manage the transportation documents electronically.

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