Customer Demands vs. Supply Chain Disruptions – Automate

by | Aug 25, 2023

The “new normal”, “pre-pandemic”, “post-pandemic”, and others have described the last several years in the global supply chain. Supply chain disruptions are more common than ever. Unfortunately, they will be with us forever. In 2021, 66% of businesses reported some or major supply chain disruptions were caused by material shortages and production delays. Regrettably, the supply chain disruptions did not stop customers’ demands, but instead caused customers to become more demanding that the product they want is there when they want it. What do companies do to deal with the disruptions and shortages while keeping their customers happy and their products available?

  • Automate
  • Forecast
  • Communicate

The pandemic opened our eyes to the reality that many companies support their business processes manually. They are looking at ways technology can help them automate. Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) are some of the new emerging technologies. In a recent survey, 71% of companies surveyed have multiple suppliers for the same item and 71% are also looking to add more suppliers in the next 3-6 months. However, most companies support their suppliers with manual processes and adding more will overwhelm their manual processes. Eliminating manual processes can reduce costs and gain more information and visibility with your suppliers. Innovate can help. Innovate Managed Services can become your additional IT staff that can work with you and your suppliers to implement and manage all electronic documents. If your suppliers can’t send you their information electronically, Innovate’s Supplier EDI Toolkit can. It will enable them to quickly and easily receive your orders and send you the corresponding documents electronically.

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