Supply Chain – Incurring Fines and Fees

by | Apr 12, 2022

Supply chain woes will continue to plague the US. Depending on which expert you listen or what article you read, they predict it could take anywhere from 6-8 months to years to improve. Changes in the supply chain are causing companies to look internally for ways to improve their processes to save time and money.

However, a lot of companies are losing money without realizing it. How? Not managing the backlog of your customers’ requests can cause:

  1. Incurring fines and/or fees
  2. Loss of favorite vendor status
  3. Loss of revenue

Do you know how many customers are requiring you to send them an Advanced Ship Notice? Do you realize that the fees or fines you may be incurring can range anywhere from a few dollars a document to where your shipment may be declined or delayed at the customer’s site because they did not receive the Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) before the products arrived? Why do companies delay implementing this document? There are many reasons: lack of integrated systems, unaware of the costly fees, or the lack of resources that have the knowledge and/or time to be assigned to complete this process. Innovate can help. Innovate Managed Services can become your additional IT staff. We can work with you and your customers to implement and manage all your order to cash electronic documents.