ABA - American Bar Association

ACA - Areas of Competitive Advantage

AIAG - Automotive Industry Action Group: An industry organization formed to improve the competitiveness of the American automotive industry. It was an early developer of EDI standards.

AIM - Automatic Identification Manufacturers

ANA - Article Numbering Association

ANSI - American National Standards Institute: A non-profit organization chartered to develop and maintain voluntary American national standards. It is the U.S. representative to the International Standards Organization.

ASC X12 - ANSI's Accredited Standards Committee: The organization charged by ANSI with the development and maintenance of ANSI X12 standards.

ASN - Advanced Shipping Notice

ASYNC - Asynchronous data transmission protocol

ATM - Automated Teller Machine

BEA - British EDI Association

BISYNC (BSN) - Bisynchronous data transmission protocol

BPR - Business Process Reengineering

CAAT - Computer-Assisted Audit Technique

CBEMA - Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers Association

CCITT - Consultative Committee on International Telegraph and Telephone: An association of international carriers and vendors responsible for generating functional and electrical recommendations for telecommunications and data communications.

CIDX - Chemical Industry Data exchange

CIS - Computerized information system

CLOUD - is a type of Internet based computing that provides shared computer processing resources and data to computers and other devices on demand. CREADV - Credit Advice Message: A UN/EDIFACT message

CREEXT - Extended Credit Advice Message: A UN/EDIFACT message

CRF - Credit Research Foundation

CRME - Credit Memo

CSF - Critical Success Factor

CUSCAR - Customs Cargo Report Message: A UN/EDIFACT message

CUSDEC - Customs Declaration Message: A UN/EDIFACT message

CUSREP - Customs Report Message: A UN/EDIFACT message

CUSRES - Customs Response Message: A UN/EDIFACT message

DCP - Disaster Contingency Planning

DLP – Data Lost Prevention

Data Lost Prevention – Ensuring that end users do not send sensitive or critical information outside your company either accidently or maliciously

DoD – Denial of Service Attacks

DEBADV - Debit Advice Message: A UN/EDIFACT message

DISA - Data Interchange Standards Organization: The non-profit membership organization that provides secretariat service to ASC X12.

EAN - European Article Number

EBDI - Electronic Business Data Interchange

ECE - The United Nations™ Economic Commission for Europe

ECR - Efficient Consumer Response

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange: The transmission of business transaction information in computer-readable form between organizations in a standard format.

EDIA - EDI Association

EDIFACT - EDI for Administration, Commerce, and Transport, the United Nations EDI standard

EFT - Electronic Funds Transfer

EFTA - European Free Trade Association

EIDX - Electronic Industry Data Exchange

ERS - Evaluated Receipt Settlement

FACT - Federation of Automated Coding Technologies

FAX - Facsimile

GOSIP - Government OSI Profile: A set of OSI protocols specified by the U.S. government as standards for the government's new networks.

GTDI - Guidelines for Trade Data Interchange: A European standard for international shipping. Its formal name is UN/ECE GRDI and is also sometimes referred to as TDI or UN/TDI.

HDLC - High-Level Data Link Control: A communications protocol developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

HIBCCM - Health Industry Business Communications Council

HIPAA – Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

IBC - International Benchmarking Clearinghouse

IDS – Intrusion Detection Software

IFTMAN - Arrival Notice Message: A UN/EDIFACT message

IFTMBC - Booking Confirmation Message: A UN/EDIFACT message

IFTMBF - Firm Booking Message: A UN/EDIFACT message

IFTMBP - Provisional Booking Message: A UN/EDIFACT message

IFTMCS - Instruction Contract Status Message: A UN/EDIFACT message

IFTMIN - Instruction Message: A UN/EDIFACT message

Incidence Response Plan – A set of policies and procedures that outline the plan to recover and restore your company’s data after a security breach occurred

INVOIC - Invoice Message: A UN/EDIFACT message

IoT –Internet of things

IPS – Intrusion Protection Software

IS - Information System

ISO - International Standards Organization: The organization responsible for developing voluntary international standards.

ITT - Invitation to Tender

JEDI - Joint EDI: The JEDI Committee in the U.S. consolidating the work of TDCC and ANSI X12 in developing EDI standards; a separate UN/JEDI task group consolidating the work of ANSI X12 AND GTDI in developing the UN/EDIFACT standard.

JIT - Just-In- Time inventory management and production process

KEK - Key Encrypting Key

LAN - Local Area Network

LOGMARS - Logistics Application of Automated Marking and Reading Symbols

MAC - Message Authentication Code

MALWARE – is any software used to disrupt computer or mobile operations, gather sensitive information, gain access to private computer systems, or display unwanted advertising. It may be stealthy, intended to steal information or spy on computer users for an extended period without their knowledge. MHS - Message Handling System: CCYY X-400 communications protocol.

MRP - Materials Requirement Planning

NEMA - National Electrical Manufacturers Association

ODETTE - Organization for Data Exchange Through Telecommunications in Europe: An EDI standard used by European automotive manufacturers.

ORDERS - Purchase Order Message: A UN/EDIFACT message

OSI - Open System Interconnection: A structure, based on seven-layer model developed by ISO for computer communication systems.

PAEB - Pan American EDIFACT Board

PAYEXT - Extended Payment Order Message: A UN/EDIFACT message

PAYORD - Payment Order Message: A UN/EDIFACT message

PIDX - Petroleum Industry Data Exchange: A task group within the American Petroleum Institute that is developing EDI standards for the petroleum industry.

PO - Purchase Order

POS - Point of Sale

QR - Quick Response

Ransomware – is a type of malware that restricts access to the infected computer system in some way and demands that the user pay a ransom to the malware operators to remove the restriction. REMADV - Remittance Advice Message: A UN/EDIFACT message

RFP - Request for Proposals

ROI - Return on Investment

SaaS - Software as a Service

SDLC - Synchronous Data Link Control: A communications protocol development, comprising the analysis design, construction and implementation stages.

SISP - Strategic Information Systems Planning

SITPRO - Simpler Trade Procedure Board

SNA - Systems Network Architecture: A network architecture developed by IBM

TCP/IP - Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol: A communications protocol suite originally developed as research effort by the U.S. Department of Defense.

TDCC - Transportation Data Coordinating Committee: The original U.S. trade association dedicated to fostering EDI.

TRADACOMS - A domestic United Kingdom EDI standard developed by its Article Numbering Association

UCB - Unit Control Block

UCS - Uniform Communication Standard: The non-profit organization developing standards for the grocery industry.

UIG - Utility Industry Group

UNCID - Uniform Rules for Interchange of Trade Data by Teletransmission

UNSM - United Nations Standard Message: The UN/EDIFACT recommended EDI message.

UPC - Uniform Product Code

VAN - Value Added Network

VICS - Voluntary Inter-industry Communications Standard: EDI standards between apparel manufacturers and retailers.

WAN - Wide Area Network

WINS - Warehouse Information Network Standard: EDI standards for the warehouse industry

WP4 - United Nations Working Party 4 on the Facilitation of International Trade Procedure