About Innovate

Innovate E-Commerce was founded in 1997 by E-Commerce pioneer Karen Puchalsky, whose decades of experience with technology leaders allowed for the company to grow, and along the way, has been recognized and awarded in several competitions, including the INC. 500 award and "Pennsylvania's Best 50 Women in Business."

Innovate E-Commerce is a global provider of B2B Managed Services, Innovate Communication Gateway and InVaultive solutions.

Innovate's B2B Managed Services enables your business to business transactions to be processed accurately and securely. Improve your productivity, grow your business faster and reduce your operational costs by allowing Innovate to manage your critical supply chain documents. Innovate will ensure the translation and secure delivery of your information while supporting your business partners’ communications and data requirements. Innovate's B2B Managed Services translates to and from all applications including but not limited to Oracle, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Business to Business Managed Services is a solution to help organizations manage their complete order to cash supply chain. Providing a centralized system your company can become more competitive, enhance customer relations, and free up your resources to work on projects that focus on growing your business.

Innovate’s B2B Managed Services offers the following ways to process and secure your company’s critical data: Innovate’s Translation Services, Supply Chain Web Portals, Audit and Control System, Customer and Supplier Management, Innovate Customize, Archiving and Disaster Recovery.

Innovate’s Customer Portal allows you to view your information at every step of the process 24/7 and Innovate’s support staff is always here when you need us. Innovate E-Commerce gives our clients the competitive edge with their customers. We quickly respond to their changes or enhancements and constantly upgrade our systems and technologies. We eliminate the backlog of requests and enable our clients to meet their customers’ timelines.

Our staff has over twenty years of experience in B2B Managed Services so Innovate's clients can be reassured that they will be handled by only the best. Not only do we know how to get the job done, we know how to exceed our customer's expectations through superior service and commitment.

In today’s business environment more and more companies are sending their critical information electronically. This means that multiple communication protocols, encryption and compliance requirements must be implemented and monitored. In addition, often times this environment becomes the open window to data breaches. Innovate Communication Gateway manages all you and your business partners’ communication requirements. You will only need to connect to Innovate. If you are sending supply chain documents, payroll, positive pay, benefit enrollments or other critical data files, Innovate’s Communication Gateway will deliver them securely.

The biggest threat facing companies right now is data breaches. Whether it is ransomware, malware, or Denial of Services (DoS) attacks, your critical and confidential information is contently under attack. Do you know how your information is shared? Your employees share your company’s information continuously all day, every day. Unlike other products that store your information on a public server, InVaultive gives you a secure cloud environment. You control who has access to your files, who can share upload, download, and preview them.

Our clients know that they can rely on Innovate E-Commerce. They also know that their data is more than just data to Innovate, but it is critical information that needs to be processed and secured throughout the complete supply chain. We are dedicated to forming solid trustworthy partnerships with our clients, always exceeding their expectations and aiming for higher goals.